Charter related to cookies

During the consultation of our website, information related to the navigation of your terminal are likely to be save in files called « Cookies », subject to the choices that you would have expressed and that you can modify at any time.

What is a cookie ?

When you connect yourself to the Graam website, we can be led to install diverse cookies in your navigation’s terminal. This would enable us to recognize your terminal’s navigator during the time of validity of the concerned cookie.
It has for purpose to collect information related to your navigation and to offer you personalized services.
Cookies are managed by your web navigator and only its emitter is likely to read or modify the information contained in it.

The differents types of cookies

  1. Internals cookies

They are the cookies emitted by our website.

The session cookies

They enable to memorize identification datas of the users from a page to another in order for them to be able to quickly and simply browse numerous pages of a website without having to identify themselves again or to reprocess each new page of the website they visit. Once your session closed, the cookie will be destroyed.

The technical cookies

They make the website’s user navigation easier by suggesting him services likely to interest him according to his connection habits.
They also enable to personalize the user experience of our website in order to offer a service more adapted to the needs.
They finally enable to determine the terminal used in order to adapt the website to the device (mobile, computer or tablet) and make the consultation easier.

The audience cookies

Those cookies enable to establish statistics, frequentation volume and use of diverse elements composing our website in order to improve its ergonomics and to better understand the website’s audience.
Those cookies are anonymised and, as a result, they can’t serve to follow the user’s navigation on other websites.

  1. The third-party cookies

Our website is likely to appeal to some third-party services specialized in order to enrich the communication solutions or to enable it to generate incomes.
Those additional cookies will ensure, for example, the posting of services type : advertising sales agency, recommendation of useful content, share on social medias, comments on publications, etc.
In practice, it’s about the cookies left on your terminal by third-party societies when you navigate or click on the website’s advertising spaces.

Acceptor refuse the cookies

When a cookie is likely to be left on your internet page, a banner informs you of its presence.
You have the possibility to accept by pursuing your navigation on the website. But, you also can refuse the cookies on a case-by-case basis or systematically. We remind you that the configuration is likely to modify your access conditions to our services that requires the use of cookies.
If your navigator is configured to refuse all of the cookies, you will not be able to enjoy some of our services. In order to manage the cookies closest to your attempts, we invite you to configure your navigator considering the finality of cookies as mentioned before.

Here is how to control or avoid the saving of cookies :
The configuration of each navigator is different. It is described in the help menu of your navigator, that will enable you to know how to modify your wishes concerning cookies.

You can deactivate cookies by following the instructions as follows :

  1. If you use Mozilla Firefox :

Choose the menu “tool” then “options”
Click on the icon “private life”
Notice the menu “cookie “ and select the options you prefer

More information on the editor support Mozilla.

  1. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer :

Choose the menu « tool » then « Internet options »
Click on the icon « Confidentiality »
Select the wished level with the cursor

More information on the editor support Microsoft.

  1. If you use Google Chrome :

Go in the Chrome menu / Preferences
Click on « Display the advanced parameters »
Click on « Parameters of content… » in the confidentiality part
Click on « Cookies and website datas… » in the new window
Click on « Suppress all » and approve by clicking on “OK”

More information on the editor support Google.

  1. If you use Safari :

Go in the Safari menu / Preferences
Click on « confidentiality »
In « Block the cookies », check « Always »

More information on the editor support Apple.

More information on the cookies

To know the options offered by any other navigation software and the modalities of the suppression of cookies files stored in your terminal, the National Comission of informatic and liberties (CNIL) details on this link process to follow in order to limit your tracks on the web and, more generally, you are informed on the mechanisms of configuration of cookies.