Contact with your client has never been easier !

It’s the cloud solution that will enhance your phone to the next level. Despite everything, the voice remains your clients’ favorite mean of communication.

Lancez des appels depuis votre CRM

Handle all of your calls
no matter where you are

It only take few clicks to set up your call center and to get the contacts you need.
With Graam, you’ll be up and running immediately. You will also be able to make and receive calls everywhere thanks to your system and app.

Big Data

Build a new
source of Big Data

Not being able to follow your website and campaign performances seems absurd.
But what about your phone fresquentation ?
With Graam, get all the data you need
to be able to track your phone activity and performances in real time.

accompagnez votre croissance

Get the most of Graam’s services
and drive your business growth

Monitor the evolution of your teams and add users to follow your activity.
Transfer your calls to the best advisers and manage your queues in real time.
Incorporating Graam in your CRM tools will guarantee you an efficient handling of your call flow and you will have access to all the information you need at the click of a button.

They already love Graam